Select a location on the map and immediately generate a climate pentagon! Only thing left is to download and print it, and you are ready to go!

In The Netherlands you can also use Vouwgrond for geo-hydrological columns!

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Air temperature 2m above the surface (source)
Total rainfall in the month (source)
Sea surface temperature (source)
Sea ice thickness (source)

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Disclaimer: The data which is visualized can be found at ERA5-Land monthly averaged data from 1950 to present for temperature and precipitation, Global Ocean Ensemble Physics Reanalysis (GLOBAL_REANALYSIS_PHY_001_031) (sea temperature) and Global Ocean Ensemble Physics Reanalysis - Low resolution (sea ice). Top image source can be selected between or No rights can be claimed based upon the visualizations, and neither guarantees about correctness of displayed values. These can vary (quite) a lot with measurements from local ground stations compared to satellite observations. Vouwgrond / Climagon is for educational use, to provoke thoughts about climates, find your prefered climate or just to do something else for a moment than staring at the screen. Vouwgrond/Climagon (c) 2020-2023 has been developed by Almar.

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